Elevation of State St, Zanesville, OH, USA

Longitude: -82.030666

Latitude: 39.938669

Elevation: 229m / 751feet

Barometric Pressure: 99KPa

Elevation Map:

elevation map of State St, Zanesville, OH, USA

Satellite Map:

Satellite map of State St, Zanesville, OH, USA

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The View From The Holiday Inn Express
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Bridge Openings
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Zanesville, OH
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In Ohio our PHOTOS ARE COMMEMORATIONS of the Licking River's waters' famed brown opacity.
northfifthstreet sevenstorybuilding electricpoles hframeutilitypole north4thstreet easternohio brickred backofabuilding 1900sbrickbuilding 1903 buildingrear zanesvilleohio dscf8199 parkinglot utilitypoles redbricks masoniclodge historicbuilding muskingumcounty ohio 1900sarchitecture nrhp congresslandseastofsciotoriver 1900s sunny rearofabuilding parkingspaces 1900sbuilding 1903building 2020 fourthstreet parkedcars appalachianohio northfourthstreet 4thstreet fountainalley north5thstreet bricks telephonepoles downtown brickbuilding steelutilitypole eastcentralohio redbrickbuilding backsideofabuilding rearview nationalregisterofhistoricplaces treatyofgreenville 20201128 obliqueview zanesville fireescape november masonicbuilding nrhp90000756 downtownzanesville 5thstreet backview eastohio cession11 hframestructure masoniclodgebuilding november2020 fifthstreet muskingumcountyohio hframepowerlinetower
From 1903 we get this seven-story of bricks.
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Old Post Office
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Old mill viewed from a train
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From 1911 we get this telephone bvilding.
ohio muskingumcountyohio muskingumcounty perrytownshipohio perrytownshipmuskingumcountyohio perrytownship zanesville greaterzanesville eastcentralohio 20101228 december2010 december 2010 eastpike nationalroad thenationalroad nationalpike usroute40 route40 us40 highway40 ushighway40 usroute22 us22 route22 highway22 ushighway22 quinnsupply quinnmobilemethods mobilemethods quinn mobilehomesupplies residentialsupplies commercialsupplies mobilehome residential commercial allcaps sign roadsidesign businesssign roadsignbusinesssign roadside road highway snow oldsnow dirtysnow view landscape ohiolandscape muskingumcountylandscape snowylandscape logo quinnlogo utilitypoles telephonepoles powerlines house brownletters brownlettering typography uppercaseq capitalq img6962
Signage method; kind of sign.
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Y Bridge - Zanesville, Ohio
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Stairway to Nowhere
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View of city!, I don't need to tell you which city.
ohio unitedstates zanesville canonef24105mmf4lis
View of downtown Zanesville
ohio zanesville muskingumcounty usccohmuskingum
Muskingum County Courthouse, Front View
1810s ohio zanesville muskingumcounty print ohioartthrough1865 mounds
View of the Country round Zanesville
1980sbridge 1984bridge 2020 20201128 alleghenyplateau alleghenyplateaulandscape appalachianohio appalachianplateau appalachianmixedmesophyticforests cession11 columbusohioriverrailroad columbusandohioriverrailroad congresslandseastofsciotoriver dscf8492 lickingriver mainstreet muskingumcounty muskingumcountyohio muskingumriver muskingumriverbridges muskingumriverlandscape november november2020 ohio ohioriverdrainagebasin ohioriverwatershed ohiolandscape putnamhillpark treatyofgreenville us40 usroute40 unglaciateduppermuskingumbasin westmainstreet ybridge zanesville zanesvilleohio zanesvilleybridge zanesvillelandscape autumnlandscape bridges citypark confluence eastohio eastcentralohio easternohio easternohiolandscape fall falllandscape grainbins industriallandscape landscape lateautumn lateautumnlandscape latefall latefalllandscape municipalpark park railroadbridge river riverconfluence riverlandscape rivermouth riverbend riverbendlandscape scenicoverlook sunny sunnylandscape threewaybridge unglaciatedalleghenyplateau urbanlandscape viewfromascenicoverlook viewfromanoverlook westernalleghenyplateau
Probably it is the most wonderful riverbend on the entire Muskingum River.
Jacks Hollow Covered Bridge, cross creek view, Perry County, Ohio (2)
Jacks Hollow Covered Bridge, barrel view, Perry County, Ohio
360 Panorama Shot Alan Cottrill Studio and Gallery - Zanesville
view muskingumriver fog valley scenic overlook ybridge buildings structures muskingumcounty ohio zanesville
Zanesville, Ohio
View of Muskingum County Courthouse from the Landing Park on the Muskingum River in Zanesville, OH 005
ohiocentral railroad zanesville ohio
Ohio Central Railroad
ohio railroadbridge zanesville muskingumriver
Railroad Bridge, Zanesville, OH
1820s ohio muskingumriver zanesville muskingumcounty print ohioartthrough1865 evoobooktakeone
Bridge at Zanesville, Ohio
bridge ohio water river rivers zanesville muskingumcounty
Where Rivers Meet
buildings cityscape historic landscape muskingumcounty muskingumriver ohio overlook putnamhill structures trees valley view ybridge zanesville
View of Zanesville and Y Bridge from Putnam Hill
georgia indian mound rosscounty hopewellculture
Karen atop Seip Mound
ohio day clear zanesville ybridge
buildings cityscape historic landscape muskingumcounty muskingumriver ohio overlook putnamhill structures trees valley view ybridge zanesville
View of Zanesville from Putnam Hill
bridge ohio water river zanesville muskingumcounty
Muskingum River
buildings cityscape historic landscape muskingumcounty muskingumriver ohio overlook putnamhill structures trees valley view ybridge zanesville
View of Zanesville from Putnam Hill
square squareformat iphoneography instagramapp uploaded:by=instagram
The beat of her heart moves an ocean in me.
ohiolandscape sunny demolishedbuilding dscf8372 zanesville easternohio novembersun 2020 transmissiontowers powerlines demolitiondebris zanesvilleohio 20201128 eastohio 3rdstreet zanesvillelandscape south3rdstreet congresslandseastofsciotoriver rustbeltlandscape rustbelt appalachianohio eastcentralohio downtown souththirdstreet rustbeltstreetscape overheadelectriclines cession11 landscape downtownlandscape overheadpowerlines parkedcars downtownstreetscape muskingumcounty electriclines november2020 urbanlandscape easternohiolandscape onstreetparking sidewalklandscape streetscape treatyofgreenville november zanesvillestreetscape sidewalk sunnystreetscape thirdstreet buildingdebris buildingdemolition downtownsidewalk ohio downtownstreet demolition debris muskingumcountyohio downtownzanesville
Out for a walk in downtown Zanesville.
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"Y" Bridge, Zanesville (Ohio), 23 August 1999
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Dillon Dam Outlet
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Zanesville Y Bridge
ohio 666 oh route666 zanesvilleoh ohiostateroute666 ohioroute666
Zanesville OH 139
Jacks Hollow Covered Bridge, view from bridge, Perry County, Ohio