Elevation of Spaltz Street, Spaltz St, Bellaire, MI, USA

Location: United States > Michigan > Antrim County > Forest Home Township > Bellaire >

Longitude: -85.150807

Latitude: 44.9442221

Elevation: 321m / 1053feet

Barometric Pressure: 98KPa

Elevation Map:

elevation map of Spaltz Street, Spaltz St, Bellaire, MI, USA

Satellite Map:

Satellite map of Spaltz Street, Spaltz St, Bellaire, MI, USA

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One of my favorite fall roads . . .
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The Green River in northern Michigan was pretty because of its clear water and sandy bottom and plantlife environs.
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In photographs the clear water of the Jordan River in northern Michigan resembles a bed of orangish-greenish hardened jelly or epoxy resin.
My Sky
Good Morning
Good Morning
Old View
michigan unlimitedphotos rearview mirror auto abandoned rust
Rear View
Sexy Spidey
Good morning
5 p.m.
Viewing Platform
Good morning
Nature Views
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Six . . .
pink sunset red orange colors beautiful sign mi marina spring alden fernridge torchlake june2015
Alden . . .
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SUMMER AFTERNOONS SPENT LOOKING AT: the Cedar River in Antrim County, Michigan, and its bends and orangish-green areas.
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Winter mirage . . .
Autumn Sky
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Shows the creek "Landslide Creek" in midsummer, in a condition of mild prettiness.
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Shows the N Mich creek "Landslide Creek" with creekbanks covered in blooming joe pye weed on Aug 10.
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Moon Reflections (Explored)
Flying 99 Snowcross Races
torchlake dockside
Dockside Torch Lake
torchlake dockside
Dockside Torch Lake
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A quaking aspen's ungainliness is comical: Its misshapen crown is incorrectly positioned!
travel mi sunrise tents hiking michigan lifestyle editorial sunburst backpacker campsite ttk longshadows jordanriverpathway puremichigan
Sunday Morning View
Torch Lake
sunset sun set
Sunset on Alden Landing on Torch Lake
michigan alden torchlake
Torch Lake
Torch Lake
plants fall mi waterfall rocks clean clear fernridge sevenbridges rapidriver october2015
Mini waterfall . . .
flower yellow mi river spring long exposure marsh flowing marigold fernridge sevenbridges marshmarigold kalkaska rapidriver may2016
Marsh Marigold . . .
motion blur fall grass mi river stream branch birch flowing fernridge kalkaska rapidriver october2015
Hanging on . . .
winter mi stream fast timeexposure flowing conifers fernridge sevenbridges ndf march2014
The Rapid River . . .
blue winter cold ice water sunshine mi underwater iceberg torchlake february2013
90% of the Iceberg is under water . . .
Flying 99 Series