Elevation of King Rd, Spring Arbor, MI, USA

Longitude: -84.598375

Latitude: 42.213917

Elevation: 297m / 974feet

Barometric Pressure: 98KPa

Elevation Map:

elevation map of King Rd, Spring Arbor, MI, USA

Satellite Map:

Satellite map of King Rd, Spring Arbor, MI, USA

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Selfie Reflection for ChromaDepth 3D Glasses
2018 sunny windowlesswall parkingspaces parking august2018 downtownjackson weeds michigan jacksonmichigan southmichigan whitebuilding jacksoncounty 1890sbuilding 1890sarchitecture august westcortlandstreet windowremoval windowlessness downtown southcentralmichigan sidewall cession117 sideview circa1890 treatyofchicago1821 exteriorwall blankwhitewall 20180812 cortlandstreet emptywall commercialbuilding parkinglot southernmichigan whitewall jackson formerwindows white jacksoncountymichigan blankwall nonwindows whitepaint
For my collection of pictures of COMMERCIAL BUILDINGS' BLANK WALLS resulting from FILLINGS-IN OF FORMER DOORS AND WINDOWS in the downtowns of U.S. cities.
1920s 1920sarchitecture 1930 1930building 1930officebuilding 1930sofficebuilding 2018 20180812 albertkahn albertkahninc august august2018 cession117 highwaym50 i94businessloop interstate94businessloop jackson jacksoncounty jacksoncountymichigan jacksoncountytower jacksoncountytowerbuilding jacksonmichigan jacksoncityscape jacksonlandscape jacksonskyline m50 michigan michiganhighway50 michiganlandscape treatyofchicago1821 us127business us127businessloop vermeulenfurniture vermeulensfurniture washingtonavenue westwashingtonavenue bricklook bricklookpavement brokenpavement centralbusinessdistrict cityscape countygovernmentbuilding dirt downtown downtownjackson downtownlandscape downtownskyline formerfurniturestore furniturestore furniturestoresign governmentbuilding imitationbrick imitationbrickpavement landscape officetowers pavementslabs pile pileofpavementslabs pileofslabs pinkpavement skyline slabs slabsofpavement slabsofpinkpavement soil southmichigan southcentralmichigan southernmichigan southernmichiganlandscape sunny sunnymorning urbanlandscape urbansoil vacantfurniturestore unitedstatesofamerica
WE GET a pile of slabs of pink "brick look" pavement in dirt, with a vacant furniture store and a portion of the famous downtown Jackson skyline.
2018 pearlstreet gravel rehabilitatedwall august2018 downtownjackson 1880sbuilding michigan jacksonmichigan southmichigan jacksoncountymichigan 1880s jacksoncounty august westpearlstreet rehabbedwall wall downtown wallrehab southcentralmichigan img4311 wallrehabilitation cession117 167wpearlst treatyofchicago1821 bricks 1880sarchitecture parging paint 20180812 163165wpearlstreet pediment terracottacoloredpaint exteriorwall southernmichigan paintedpargecoat jackson terracottapaint pargedbrickwall pargejob pargedbricks terracottacolored pargecoat txtchg
Ca. 2017 pargejob-paintjob for ca. 1880 brick bldg, with terracotta-colored paint.
"ChromaDepth 3D Shadow Work, Final Version"
"ChromaDepth 3D ViewFinder"
sky sunrise lake winter michigan horton d700 orange snow nikond700
Sunrise at the Lake
2018 pearlstreet brickwall peeling august2018 deterioratingwall downtownjackson downspout michigan jacksonmichigan pargecoat jacksoncountymichigan paintedbrickwall jacksoncounty august bricks 19thcenturyarchitecture bluishgreen img4331 treatyofchicago1821 downtown deterioratedwall deterioratedbrickwall oldwall paintedbricks southcentralmichigan diagonalgutter peelingpaint deterioratingbrickwall straubblock goodwall cession117 bluishgreenpaint commercialbuilding 19thcenturybuilding pargedbricks longdownspout parging paint 20180812 deterioration brick westpearlstreet 19thcenturywall southernmichigan pargedbrickwall jackson 19thcentury 175wpearlst diagonaldownspout gutter southmichigan parge
Entertaining parged-'n'-painted brick wall with entertaining gutter-'n'-downspout arrangement.
chromadepth 3d surreal panorama panoramasabotage panosabotage panoramaglitch glitchart avantgarde contemporaryart psychedelia psychedelic lsd timothyleary photoshop color colour colorful pink orange
"Drive Through the ChromaDepth 3D Lily Pad Carwash"
morning winter sky snow reflection water yellow sunrise dawn mygearandme mygearandmepremium mygearandmebronze mygearandmesilver mygearandmegold mygearandmeplatinum mygearandmediamond
Winter Dawn
"ChromaDepth 3D Swimmer 4.0"
"Drive Through the Anaglyph (blue/red) 3D Lily Pad Carwash"
"Drink Cola"
"ChromaDepth 3D Swimmer"
tylervoorhees brightwallsjackson mural urbanart art wallpainting paintingwalls citywalls
"Tyler Voorhees Mural Representing the Auto Workers of Jackson, Michigan”
"ChromaDepth 3D Swimmer 3.0"
"In Plane View"
sunrise morning red water kalamazoo river concord mi usa hdr fog mist landscape watercourse outdoor serene
Awesome Morning Light
horton michigan unitedstates us snow ice winter white tree lake channel dock rainbowlake nikon d500
Winter Wonderland
horton michigan unitedstatesofamerica us pinehilllake lakefarwell roundlake jacksoncounty mavicair lake water blue landscape springtime
Pine Hill Lake - EXPLORED #380 3/24/2019
sky cloud building tree wall apartment august jackson tallbuilding 3784 city art outdoors nikon michigan fireescape d500 2017 nikond500
Victory Lane
20120326 blackstonestreet callerypear callerypeartree img0625 jackson jacksoncounty jacksoncountymichigan jacksonmichigan jacksonlandscape march2012 michigan michiganlandscape northblackstonestreet chainlink chainlinkfence cloudlesssky differentkindsofpavement downtown downtownjackson fence floweringpear floweringpeartree floweringtree landscape oldpavement overgrownpavement paved pavement peartree sidewalk southmichigan southcentralmichigan southernmichigan springlandscape sunny treeshadow urbanlandscape vacantland vacantlot view weedypavement whitefloweringtree whiteflowers unitedstates
A flowering Callery pear goes out over a landscape.
autumn red lake fall water colors mi river falling trail waters concord hdr kalamzoo mygearandme mygearandmepremium mygearandmebronze mygearandmesilver
Autumn Colors
autumn trees fall mill water colors mi reflections river pond swans concord
Swans on a Pond
blue sky white water clouds mi sunrise reflections river spring michigan concord hdr mygearandme mygearandmepremium mygearandmebronze mygearandmesilver mygearandmegold
Spring Sunrise - EXPLORED #222
"Landscape of the Imagination" --title inspired by Mark Morgan and image dedicated to him and Eckard Wolfgang Pemsi
"The Mystery of the Missing Bridge 1.0"
railroad bridge autumn trees fall colors mi reflections river rocks quiet calm falling trail waters kalamazoo concord mygearandme
Bridge Over Quiet Waters
"Polar Vortex Over Swamp In Michigan" (a variant created during construction of the piece)
2018 rustbeltlandscape overheadpowerlines parking downtownjackson cortlandstreet michigan southernmichiganlandscape parkingcurbs jacksoncounty parkinglot august rustbelt paved streetbeautification landscape michiganlandscape governmenttree ginkgo sidewalktree asphaltconcretepavement urbantree sunnylandscape sidewalk ginkgobiloba jackson curbs sunny streetlandscaping august2018 powerlines jacksonmichigan southmichigan citytree jacksonstreetscape tree westcortlandstreet cession117 treatyofchicago1821 img4420 pavement summerlandscape streetlandscape rustbeltstreetscape sidewalklandscape landscaping southcentralmichigan blacktopparkinglot stripofbrickpavement urbanbeautification citybeautification brickpavement streetscape streettree asphaltconcreteparkinglot ornamentalbrickpavement ornamentalginkgo summer downtownstreetscape ginkgotree 20180812 jacksoncountymichigan overheadelectriclines treegrille blacktop southernmichigan jacksonlandscape ornamentaltree downtown downtownstreet electriclines lamppost treeinsummer asphaltconcrete
A rustbelt streetscape gets a BEAUTIFICATION GINKGO.
Summer Acrylic Paintings, 2020
Sandstone creek
urban colour college ikea students kitchen loft studio carpet bathroom design model bedroom exterior furniture michigan contemporary decorative interior space room detroit plymouth lifestyle troy jackson architectural couch ypsilanti modular duplex simplicity taylor kalamazoo urbandesign westland apts renewal stylish fabrics elegance southfield sofas décor designed luxurious livonia units tracklighting crashpad saginaw urbanliving clintontownship livingstyle loftliving urbaninterior urbanstyle modernlighting loftstyle loftkitchen urbandecor modernluxury modernstaircase modularliving modernstairs modularrooms residentialcommunities paragonproperties harrsiontownship
Paragon Properties / Sporting Glen
autumn lake fall water leaves michigan bluesky glacier foliage trail railstotrails railtrail springarbor kettlelake fallingwatertrail
Lime Lake
fountain river albion
River Fountain
autumn lake fall water leaves michigan bluesky glacier foliage trail railstotrails railtrail springarbor kettlelake fallingwatertrail
Lime Lake
autumn lake fall colors leaves river pond michigan bluesky foliage concord millpond fairweather kalamazooriver
Mill Pond